Massage Therapies Cahersiveen

Cahersiveen Massage Therapies – So Relaxing 😎 

Treat yourself with one of our massage therapies while exploring the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way or even as full time resident of our beautiful area.

Would you like to get away to your own little world for a little while? Whether you live here or are a visitor to our beautiful region of South West Kerry right on the Ring of Kerry, consider this:

Rest your body in a warm and tranquil environment, hidden away from the busy-ness. Let your muscles and senses relax while experiencing a soothing massage of your choice. Aromatherapy using the finest Primavera organic essential oils; or maybe a Hot Lava Shell Treatment? Letting the smooth and tropical shells glide over you.

How about a refreshing yet so relaxing and effective Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder method). It sounds awful but it is a wonderful and gentle skin treatment that supports your lymphatic system in carrying out its waste removal and fluid balancing activities that bit more efficiently so you feel lighter and your body organs will perform much better as they will get much better supply of nutrients. If lymphodema is a condition you live with, please get in touch. A support treatment ias a available here and Suzan would love to offer it to you.

These and more can make your day. Have a look at what’s on offer or give us a call for more info.

These ladies, Magi, Alison and Kerry, will tell you how they feel during and after their treatments with Suzan. Three generations – One verdict.

Call us for more info and more social proof. Suzan will be delighted to tell you more.