For a tastier life…

Doesn’t time just fly by?

I hope you enjoyed our Italian farmer and his passion for growing food full of vitality. And I will continue on a culinary journey with you for the next while to add some flavour to our lives. Let’s explore some herbs and spices, what their cravings may mean and how to use them in simple but tasty ways.

What made me think about this topic was the strong craving for mustard and horseradish I’ve been having for a few weeks. I did a bit of research on it, as you do as a nerd, and found it really fascinating. Let me tell you in a little video. Have a watch …and come back!

Did that make your mouth water? As mentioned, here is a recipe you can try for yourself: I think, simple is best. And Jamie Oliver has just that. Here you go:

All you need is organic (of course) mustard seeds, organic cider vinegar, white wine if you wish, some salt and optional extras in time to come. 
Click on this link:

I’d be delighted to hear about your attempt or any other culinary suggestions you may have.