I travelled to Italy for you to meet this nice man

Is it a philosophy ? Or should we have more of this kind of farming.

I did a little travelling since we spoke last . Went to Italy with one of my aromatherapy suppliers and one day we went on a field trip to a distillery and Demeter farm in the Piemont region.

Meet Marco Marco Video 1 and Marco Video 2,second generation owner who produces essential oils using his state of the art steam distillery. Plant materials are delivered on a daily basis during the summer season and distilled off instantly. 

You can see that we were invited to lend a hand filling the steel containers with plant materials, in this case it was thyme. Next to us is another batch awaiting distillation. A batch of precious Melissa officinalis aka Lemonbalm. Very little yield of essential oil is obtained from this plant. It also composts very quickly and therefore requires pretty instant processing. Seeing these processes makes us understand the price of those products on shop shelves. Immense amount of work with very little yield but fantastic benefits for the end user. If quality is of importance to you that is. 

Please click the ‘Marco Video’ links above to watch videos I took of Marco describing some of the farm processes. It takes a little effort to listen as he has a wonderfully strong Italian accent. But I think you will enjoy it. In the second video he refers to why moon cycles are so important in Demeter farming. Makes sense I think.

Feel free to check in with me if you have any questions about it. I’d love to have a chat with you.

Here’s a little reminder I shared with you in my last mail about the principles of biodynamic farming:

Demeter farmers consider their farms as living, unique organisms. Each organ needs the others. Each part serves the whole. Human beings, plants, animals and soil work together.
The requirement of keeping cattle on the farm has been eased a little as it is truly difficult for small farmers to look after cattle as well as fulfilling the other requirements. The soil however still needs to be “injected” with the specific biodynamic preparations. 

It is truly a philosophy of its own. But wouldn’t it be nice to see more of it applied?

And why do the cows get to keep their horns? Demeter farmers respect the innate being of the animal. This enables the creatures to express their instinctive behaviour. Part of this are their horns which are an important sense and communication organ for the animals. They are also linked to their digestive systems and the gases produced by the animal. Resulting in far lesser amounts of digestive disorders in the animals. 
And again, here are some links for you if you didn’t get around to it last time 🙂

What is demeter?


Hope you enjoyed this slightly specialized topic. I’m all about the learning and keeping an open mind.