Manual Lymph Drainage Treatment (Dr. Vodder Method)

Another treatment you may want to explore is our special and expert Manual Lymphatic Treatment as taught by Dr. Vodder School. Our lymphatic system is doing trojan work as it is the waste removal system of the body and sometimes, like our kitchen bins, it becomes a little sluggish and slow and will benefit form being supported by a very gentle, relaxing and super effective skin movement.

So while you lie in blissful relaxation, Suzan, your therapist will encourage the lymph collectors just under our skin to open that little bit more. Like turning on your garden hose for a quicker flow, your body will be able to not only remove waste and toxins faster, but also allow your cells to be bathed in valuable nutrients as they now have the space to flow into the tissues.

The result?

More energy and vitality, better mood, clearer skin, better life!

Who is this for?

Should you be struggling with

  • unpleasant skin conditions (i.e. acne, eczema)
  • Swollen ankles or fingers where fluid has been stagnant
  • Bruising and muscle soreness post sports activity
  • Lymphoedema (swollen limbs) due to cancer treatment or lymphectomy (removal of lymph nodes)

So whether you are living in our beautiful South Kerry Skellig Coast Region or are a very welcome visitor, please call and talk to me (Suzan) so we can find the best suitable treatment and time for you in order to improve the quality of your life.