Product Testimonial Aidan Walsh

I have been taking Protein Powders on and off for over a year now. I started with various types of Whey protein as I was told they were the best and most popular. While using them I always seemed to be tired and never found a noticeable difference in performance. As I became more interested in food and nutrition I started to take a look at the ingredients on the back of these products. I found ingredients such as Colour (Beta Carotene), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), sucrose, molasses, sucralose. I realised that these products were full of sugars and preservatives which were not good for a body.

I decided that I wanted to find a high quality product which was 100% Organic while also delivering results to my sporting lifestyle. I found Nua Naturals plant based proteins to be the perfect match. I have been taking it for over 5 months now and feel fantastic. I alternate between the Vanilla and Berry flavour proteins using them after intense training and gym sessions, I usually blend them with some fruits and veggies but are also good on their own with water or milk .I also use the Organic Hemp protein over porridge oats in the morning or sprinkle them over salads for lunch. I would highly recommend this range of proteins to anyone.