Smart Health = Heart Health

How about some practical tips?

To create this post I spent a lot of time thinking about what would be most helpful for you with regard to your lovely heart. Our topic was, how do we prevent and/or reverse heart disease. Right? And Dr. Decker Weiss’s message was mostly about getting inflammation out of our body. Keep in mind also, that inflammation is caused by mental and emotional stresses too. Fatigue, insomnia, depression and the likes. Often overlooked when it comes to inflammatory issues. Please take some time to think about this.

The biggest take away from this for me is however, how important an alkaline body is. And truth be told, it’s all about what goes into it. We all have heard it before, best diet, the Mediterranean one.
The key here: Fresh, Fresh and Fresh food which leaves it very mineral dense and heavily alkalizing.
Green leafy vegetables, fish, seafood, wholegrains, good oils, butter, bread and of course, some red wine. I know you were waiting to hear that!! :). And now you are most likely rolling your eyes up, thinking “Oh Suzan, how can anyone eat that stuff? Every day? I have no time….
Let’s do some exploring. I’ve made a little video for you with some simple yet important tips. 

Click here to watch!
And I’ve chosen a couple of easy recipes for you to try out. Scroll down for the link. See how much I care? 
Really…. make an effort.

So, Beer and sausages? Even if you’re German, noooo, not a good idea. Yummy for sure but only when visiting the Oktoberfest in Munich, meaning, it’s an exception. You have my permission then.

Here’s another interesting something for you to look into. Have you heard about your Homocysteine levels and what they are about?  And while you are at it, also look into CoQ10. If you’d like me to elaborate some more, please let me know. Otherwise, our dear internet is the job. Or your GP or health care professional. 

You have to make all those decisions for yourself dear friend. There’s only one person who knows your body, you know who that is!

But first, watch my little video clip and have a look at these, simple and delicious recipes you too can make (Courtesy of my lovely friend Oliver McCabe – FuelFood Chef)
Click here for recipes