Have you ever had a massage and loved it? Then you will know how very relaxing and revitalising it is. Many studies show that the effects range from lower blood pressure, better sleep quality and recovery from illness and injury to simply getting some precious “me time” for recharge. But you know that too.

Whether you decide to treat yourself or being treated by someone else, all you have to do is choose the amount of time you would like to spend chilling out. A full body aromatherapy massage or a shorter back, neck and shoulder massage. The scents of our beautiful organic essential oils combined with long, gentle and precise strokes will allow you to drift off to your own secure world of relaxation within minutes.

With either choice you will feel energized, refreshed and truly relaxed in our little hide away above the busy health store. A tranquil and warm environment will quickly have you forget about the mundane and escape your thoughts and daily routines.