Vitamin D Facts

Vitamin D – the facts

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We know that Vitamin D is vital to transport calcium and phosphorous into our bones and strengthens our teeth. It also makes for a good immune system.

Some studies have also shown that Vitamin D can boost weight loss. Scientists suggested that people who took a calcium and vitamjn D supplement were able to lose more weight than the placebo group as it seemed to act as an appetite suppressant.

Research also showed that supplementation with Vitamin D reduced symptoms of depression in patients compared to non supplementation.

These foods are considered rich in Vitamin D:

– salmon

– shrimp

– sardines

– egg yolk

Otherwise you will have to look out for foods that have been fortified (added) with Vitamin D.

We also have heard that our body can make vitamin D through our skin and that it is the sunshine vitamin that makes us happy.


….do you know what it takes to have our body do that? A large part of your body needs to be exposed to the midday sun for a good at 10 – 30 minutes without sunscreen. In Ireland, chances are slim I dare say. Not only due to our sparse sunny days, but also our lifestyle. Many of us are indoors at that time. And the darker your skin tone, the less you will produce Vitamin D in this degree of latitude.

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