Demeter Farming: Let’s look at farming….. says a non farmer

But wait. This is really interesting. Biodynamic farming and what it means…..

What would these farmers say about the state of farming today compared to 1924? Some still live I guess. I’d love to ask them.

Oh, sorry. Which farmers am I talking about? CLICK HERE and watch my little intro video. Then come back here.

Great. You’re back!

Those farmers at that time felt inspired by this man,  Rudolf Steiner, and by his visionary thinking coined by the term “anthroposophy “, as I mentioned just there. Anthropo = Human, Sophy = Wisdom.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Phil Anthropy” before? Friend of human. Always nice to learn some new little nuggets right?

But now, have a look at a quote by the man himself in the image above (or below?)

At first the quote may seem a bit strange. But it encourages a new way of viewing things. Steiner was convinced that food only achieves the quality that allows people to develop, when all factors are taken into account in its production: cosmic rhythms, the soils as a digestive organ of the plant or as soul forces of the animal.

To bring all these aspects together and to order them, he introduced the Biodynamic preparations.
Demeter farmers consider their farms as living, unique organisms. Each organ needs the others. Each part serves the whole. Human beings, plants, animals and soil work together.

What are your thoughts now?
If you are curious and would like to find out some more, here’s a link for you.

What is demeter?

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And I almost forgot…. Demeter cows keep their beautiful horns! Let me tell you about that in my next mail though. Enough to “digest” for you for now I think.