Meet our Makers – Who grows our beautiful organic and natural foods? Let’s globetrot

First Stop: Austria

Meet our Maker: Sonnentor

(translated meaning: Sun Gate) – Where Joy Grows

“Old Knowledge and New Ideas, they say, form the fertile soil for our diverse range of natural delights. Since 1988, delicious products have been growing under our laughing sun logo. Each and every one of those reflects our respect for Manual Work and our Appreciation of People and Nature.

This company has been founded by a true visionary and pioneer at the age of only 23 years of age. Johannes Gutmann. Big cities and a job in the office were not an option for him. He grew up in nature, loved his home and saw exactly there the opportunities provided by nature’s and the local people’s power. Considered a dreamer by his neighbours, he took it upon himself to speak with local farmers about growing and selling certified organic herbs and spices. Three of them shook hands with him and committed to his dream. Those 3 farmers to this day work with Johannes, their children following in their footsteps.

Their mission statement simply says:

“We are a traditional and innovative organic Austrian company.

From our base in Waldviertel, we produce our valuable trademark products and distribute them worldwide. This is what motivates us in our work.

As a reliable partner, we enthuse our customers with the best quality and our creativity. Our main competence lies in the traceability of our work , from the growing of our herbs to the refined product.

Our customer supplier relationships as well as our company intern work ethics are distinguished by a high level of commitment, enthusiasm, special service, independence and a sense of responsibility and fairness.

Attentive leadership supports the company in its permanent, healthy and long-term growth.
We have received both national and international awards for our products and also encouraging feedback from our customers.”


…… and customer of this finest of brands, I am so very proud of their ethics and quality as well as of the love they show their products. The range is truly massive. But the core range consists of the most delicate and fine tasting herbs and spices. You can either enjoy them as herbal teas or in your cooking creations. Either way, the flavours will make your palate sizzle with excitement.

Even spices as exotic as turmeric and cinnamon are grown in Austria in certified organic quality. The range is so large, impossible to even begin listing here. What intrigued me as much as the story of how this company came about is their immense care for our environment.  Please watch this video (English subtitles) to discover the amazing responsibility Sonnentor takes on with their packaging.



Well, are you impressed? And here’s another really fascinating story from Sonnentor about the coffee and how Vienna became so well known for its coffee culture and houses: Just click on this link: Wiener Verfuehrung English.

I’m sure you will want to share  the story with all your friends. And if you’d like to find out more about Sonnentor’s wonderful products, please contact us directly, check in with us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) or come see for yourself in our lovely store.

Some of the awesome products are available on this site straight to your home. Happy browsing :)!


6 Comments on “Meet our Makers – Who grows our beautiful organic and natural foods? Let’s globetrot

  1. It’s nice to hear the story behind the brand and where it all started. I’ve tried a lot of their herbal teas, most recently Stormy Day Tea….very very nice !!!

  2. Just love how this is so well done. We need to wake up to our Mother Earth who is calling us to take her serious. Hope people stop.gurting our beautiful planet excessively..