Menopause – Never Felt These Feelings Before? Part 1

Suzan Turan Personal Coach for Menopause

Menopause In Theory:

For the past 15 years I have been providing natural remedies and advice to women experiencing symptoms of menopause.  The main one of those symptoms seemed to be that of sweating. Night sweats,  hot flushes or hot flashes as our American friends call it. So we offer herbs that deal with the body’s sweat process. Makes sense, as some women literally have water pouring out of their foreheads and armpits. Others turn lobster red as a wave of heat overcomes their body.

Menopause In Reality:

But today, years later since starting my health store in my mid 30s, I too have reached this bizarre time of transition into life’s second half as I can safely say at this point. And for the first 12 months of this new phase, nothing really changed only that menstruation initially became sporadic and then stopped. And in honesty, that’s not such an inconvenience. One can actually quickly forget about all that monthly routine without missing it at all even after decades of it.  Even experiencing the sweats or hot flushes was not so unusual as all throughout my life I had expisoedes of night sweats, literally soaking through pjs and sheets. The only difference is that sometimes those waves appear during the day. It is actually not sweating in my case. Not a single drop of that salty bodily fluid is escaping my pores. It is more like a Mexican Wave rolling over my chest area. Yes, just the chest to collar bone region. The felt temperature does not change even when taking off layers of clothing. It remains the exact same sensation. I’m not even sure I would call sweating or HEAT WAVE. As soon as I have found a name for it, you all will be the first to know.

So that’s just the part about the sweating, heat wave and that new word that has not been invented yet. Or have you found a word to describe it?

The Ugly Truth:

Well, the truth anyhow can look a little more, a lot more challenging.  Thankfully I experience great nights sleeping. Many of my fellow menopals are not so lucky. Just like sleepless nights with windy babies, those sleepless nights also leave you ready to commit horrendous actions, at least in your head. It can be very much part of those years of hormonal turmoil and turbulence.

The Mental and Emotional Truth:

This is truly where things get frustrating and the most important requirement for every woman at this point in particular is SELF LOVE!. Followed closely by the importance of self awareness, self care, mindfulness and the ability to share the experience and seek support.

Let me tell you about my first journey through the abyss of an emotional rollercoaster. It is the end of January, beginning of February. It’s been a long and dark winter, nothing new when you live in Ireland or any other part of Western and Northern Europe. You’ve been financially compromised or simply put, totally broke. Again nothing new just after the Christmas time and the usual amount of bills creeping up in January. The muffin around the waist is simply stuck on and the exercising efforts are few and far between. So far the story is that of many, many other women, no matter what age. But..

Something has changed..

This year it seemed to be much harder though. My energy levels were extremely low. My thought pattern was one of profound negativity and doom and no amount of meditation, deep breatihing, exercising or even the thought of a tub of ice cream (which was not an option due to the already sticky muffin)  was making a difference. The thoughts kept spiraling out of control. The feelings coursing through my body were so completely new to me. I truly never felt anything like this. To this day I cannot put them into words, cause I’ve never felt them. My best version: Feels like an alien has invaded my body. It felt exactly like that. Completely unknown.

The Solutions?

What now? When will this pass? How can I function and keep on target with my goals? My daily stuff and stuff?

I will share that part of my journey with you in Part 2 very soon. Make sure to check in and please share your own journey in the comments section. There’s always wisdom in hearing each other’s experiences and better shared than not!

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