Product Reviews – My Step By Step List

You may have seen some of the product reviews I have posted on my YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. It’s a passion of mine to look “under the hood” of products I stock and I consider worth the time, sharing a bit more about with you.

Here is my step-by-step procedure:

  1. First, I look into the company or person that produces it. As I am predominantly interested in reviewing independent enterprises, I need to see who is behind it. Nowadays, we see more and more that big companies have bought several of the smaller producers in this industry and whether we like it or not, I believe in 100% transparency when choosing to stock or buy a produce.
  2. Once I’m happy with the company transparency and ethos, I choose the product/s I would like to test.
  3. First and most important information of the product to me is the ingredient listing. I am predominantly looking for all components to be from natural origin. If there are ingredients that look synthetic to me, I generally reach out to the producers to get clarification. Again, if they are a transparent company, they will reveal the exact origin of their ingredients. And that’s absolutely fine. I will then declare to you what these ingredients are, and anything we need to know about them. The choice, whether to use this product or not, lies with us, the consumer. As a stockist, I may choose differently.
  4. If the product is claiming to be certified organic, I will also look at the certifying body.
  5. Country of origin is a personal passion of mine as I am so interested in all peoples of the globe. I do not make political distinctions as I believe that every farmer and ethical producer has the right to market their products equally, regardless of their country’s political behaviors.
  6. Last not least, I will look at the marketing efforts too. Unfortunately, having a great product doesn’t mean you have a great business. And if there is little marketing activity, the product may not survive. Cause and effect. Therefore it could be a wasted effort to promote a good product or range, only to find efforts wasted and customer disappointed.

So that’s pretty much it. If there is anything else you would like to be included in my exploration, feel free to make suggestions by contacting me.