God I feel ugh…! What will I do?

The Healthiest Food Can Poison Us When…
… the digestion system is not working at its best. This large and complex system is like the engine of a machine. Every time we eat, just think of how many operations and processes your digestive system is preforming at the same time. How many organs are involved? What are they doing exactly? What other substances are required to perform at peak for this amazing mechanism to work so we can move, think, procreate, well LIVE!

From here on I will explore with you our digestive system. To make it more interesting for you, let’s start by having a look at where yours is at right now.

So, how is your digestive health?

Let’s make a list: Using a scale of 1 – 5, 1 = really crapy, 5 = in excellent shape

1. Lie down comfortably and close your eyes

2. Begin scanning all along your body starting at your feet, ankles, shins, calves, knees……….keep going…..

3. Once you reach your torso, check in on how your organs and the areas around them are feeling.

Some suggested questions to ask yourself while scanning:

Do I feel bloated?

Is there any discomfort or tightness?

Am I in pain at times?

How regular is my bowel movement?

Is it an easy process?

I am sure you will come up with more questions and the relevant answers. Be honest with yourself as it is not a competition but merely a check list of where to begin.

Simply creating an awareness of where you are at.

Once you have spent some time exploring any spots in your body that could do with improving, you will find some useful tips in future mails about how to help your digestive system on its journey to improvement.

So, start taking notes and also becoming very aware and conscious of what it is that goes passed your lips every day. Again, just an observation at this early point.

Click on my nose to find out about our upcoming journey through our digestive system and all that is involved. In the video I am asking you to perform a task to explore your current state. From there on we will learn what digestion does for us and how things can go or be wrong.

All the best in your digestive journey!