When things go wrong – Digestion

This week I thought it’s time we talked about our large intestine and the critters that live in it. You will also discover in this mail (unicorn video), how over here in the ‘clean’ western world, we in fact might be going for number 2s all wrong.
But first, click on the here to find out about some digestive hiccups. I’ve made this video a little longer than usual, well, a good bit longer… Take some time out to watch, nice cup of herbal tea maybe?

You can also click here to go to my website. I’ve created your personal “POOPON” offer exclusive to subscribers. This particular probiotic with fibres from Optibac is a great alrounder and regulator of your gut flora. Keeps you regular. You’re welcome 🙂

And now click here scroll on to watch a truly clever video clip for a product that makes morning toilet rituals a whole pile easier. And for all you marketers, take note. An excellent example of getting us engaged and amused.
Last not least, for the nerds, this is a link to a study about stool evacuation speed depending on your posture while performing the act. Oh dear God, that’s a sentence you wouldn’t hear too regularly!