Nothing breaks like a heart……

How healthy is your tick tock ticker?

I’ve spent a little time thinking about my next topic and decided that your heart and what we can do to help it to be a tip top ticker would be a good thing to talk about for a few weeks. Cardiovascular health, cholesterol and anything you may want to talk about yourself.

So how healthy is it? Your ticker..
Let’s find your “True North”first, meaning, own the facts about your body. Only you need to know, so no need to pretty things up. 🙂

Homer Simpson will let you check your BMI (Body Mass Index) .

Click here to take the quiz. He sure could do with a break from all that beer…..

Come back after, to take another little quiz called:

Just click this link:

Again, best to be brutally honest with yourself. It’s easiest this way to plan some changes, taking teeny tiny baby steps. So that old reptilian brain doesn’t freak out on you!

After having taken those little quizzes, which are not intended to give any medical advice and all the other legal jargon (blablabla, yawn…), let me give you some homework. Remember also please that those quizzes are meant to just give you some guidelines and to start a thought process. 

Alright so, HOMEWORK:

Take a notebook or the back of an envelope and write down all of any medications you are on. For every one of those, take out the product leaflet and read the side effects. If you don’t have the insert, Dr. Google is your friend. You should be able to find them there. If you’re not taking any, well, no work to do. 


Now, start doing a body scan. You can do this over a few days. Best to lie down and scan how your body feels from head to toe, inside out. Then add any areas of discomfort or pain to your notes. Try to describe them as detailed as possible. Also whether this is better or worse at certain times of day or night. Also include your energy levels and emotional and mental states. Again, this is only meant for you but if you have a friend to join in and compare notes with, it would make it even more effective. You can share with me of course too.
I’d say, let’s start here. Once you’ve established a conscious status quo, let’s move on to look at daily habits in lifestyle and diet, a work in progress so to speak. Let’s call it our spring clean.