So why bread?

Bread for storm

Ireland, March 1st 2018.

Bread for storm

The country has ground to a halt as “The Beast from the East”, or storm Emma, is approaching. I cannot even go into how I feel about the hype and panic of the 48 hour snowfall predictions but what fascinates me is “The Bread” phenomenon. The fact that all sliced bread has sold out twice has even made news in central and Southern Europe.

How come, bread has become the most important tool for survival? How come that across the aisle from the empty sliced bread section are rows of nutritional sourdough bread, rye with sunflower seeds, gluten free rice breads yet no one seems to even see them?

What goes on in the mind of the shopper, when panic buying this item? The only answer I can offer is: I have no clue. Please everyone, let’s have this conversation and explore the reasoning behind this sheer panic buying.

This is no mockery. It truly fascinated me today and I would love to explore this with you. I invite you to share your thoughts and theories. Only sincere comments will be published, so cynics, don’t waste your time.

And bakers, let’s hear your non commercial comments too!